Drum Track Rates

1 drum take = $130.00 per song

Includes minor fixes within 24 hour period of tracking. Any and all additional takes/hours per song are an additional $52.00/per each take

3 drum takes = 234.00 per song

Includes all three takes sent separately for you to edit together. You can also mark detailed edits and have me edit the three takes into one for you. This is an additional $52/per song. This would an example of 3 takes:

  • Take 1: match midi drums/producer directed
  • Take 2: with some subtle changes
  • Take 3: totally different approach altogether!

Master Mixed Stereo Mix of Drums (additional eq and fx) = $78 additional.

Raw Stereo Samples of each drum cymbal used on session:

  • 3 Hits Per Sound Source = $78 additional
  • Beat Detective Editing = $52 additional
  • Songs Over 5 minutes = $52 additional

Additional Loops/Percussion: congas, bongos timbales, mark trees, bells, etc….

If done within the initial hour of song, no extra charge. If extensive loops and percussion $52 additional per hour/take applies.

*Multiple songs/project rates are negotiable over 11 songs